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A growing market for financial inclusion: low-income factory employees

January 27, 2014

Women’s World Banking financial education lead Cathleen Tobin recaps the low-income salaried employees panel at last November’s “Building Women-Focused Finance” in Amman, Jordan.

“An amazing experience:” an NYC high school scholarship winner reflects on her trip to Jordan with Women’s World Banking

January 20, 2014

Meeting women microentrepreneurs inspires an NYC highschool student to seek new opportunities

The Female Face of Poverty: A Global Perspective

January 14, 2014

Our Senior Associate for Strategy responds to Maria Shriver’s essay on the Atlantic, “The Female Face of Poverty.”

Youth Cannot Be Ignored

January 13, 2014

Youth savings specialist Ryan Newton blogs about the youth panel during the “Building Women-Focused Finance” Conference in Amman, Jordan, November 20-21, 2013.

Profile of Women’s World Banking Staff: Gil Lacson

January 9, 2014

Summer intern Melisa spoke with Gil Lacson, Manager at the Network Engagement Team, to understand how the Fellowship Program at Women’s World Banking works. They also talked about his experience working at the organization for over 14 years.

Microinsurance: The win-win-win value proposition

January 6, 2014

MFW is a client-centric institution that prides itself on striving to meet their clients’ needs. In the process of analyzing the life cycle of their clients, they realized that there are many circumstances where clients face health-related issues that involve many expenses and often loss of income, all of which have a negative impact on the financial stability of the…

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