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Operating in Near-Crisis Environments: The Microfinance Experience

February 18, 2014

By Ramatolie Saho, Fellow February 18, 2014 With 39 members across 28 countries, Women’s World Banking’s network is often faced with the tremendous challenge of operating in a crisis. During a plenary session of our Building Women-Focused Finance conference, titled What Does Operating in a Near-Crisis Environment Look Like? leaders from three institutions spoke candidly about the impact of crises…

Around the Country in 11 Days: A Visit to Our Microfinance Partners in India

February 10, 2014

Last November, I had the great privilege of joining Women’s World Banking’s closest supporters on a trip to India. Our agenda was ambitious: four financial institutions; five cities; eleven days. Throughout the trip, we met the inspiring women entrepreneurs who are at the heart of every product introduction, piece of research, and leadership training led by Women’s World Banking.

Microfinance for Women Works for Men: The Case of Haytham in Jordan

February 3, 2014

Women’s World Banking Fellow Ramatolie recounts a visit with a male client of network member Microfund for Women in Jordan.

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