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An Urgent Question: What does financial inclusion in MENA look like?

March 31, 2014

In the MENA region, 18 percent of adults have an account at a formal financial institute compared to 42 percent in the rest of the developing world (Global Findex). The question “What does financial inclusion in MENA look like?” is an urgent one.

The top three lessons I look home from the Women in Leadership Program in Mumbai

March 24, 2014

Fellow Ramatolie reflects on her experiences participating in the Women in Leadership Program held in Mumbai last November.

Women Empowering Women: Developing leaders for strong microfinance in South and Central Asia

March 17, 2014

By Sarah Buitoni, Specialist, Leadership and Diversity Programs March 17, 2014 It is a rare sight to see a group of women leaders come together to spend a week reflecting on their lives, professions and leadership impact. Yet this is exactly what a group of high-potential women leaders and managers did in Mumbai, India last November to build their skills,…

Recap of our International Women’s Day “Ask Me Anything” on Twitter

March 13, 2014

Because International Women’s Day, March 8th, fell on a Saturday this year, we decided to dedicate our Twitter feed to the various ways we have been helping advance women’s economic empowerment through access to financial services and made our program experts available to anyone who wished to ask us anything about the topic of the day.

Starting early: banking girls’ savings in India

March 10, 2014

By Ryan Newton, Specialist, Savings and Anjali Banthia, Specialist, Product Research, Marketing and Financial Education March 10, 2014 When you ask a young girl anywhere in the world where she keeps her money, chances are she’ll say her piggy bank, school bag or in a special hiding place at home. And, as we discovered during our focus groups last December,…

What does it take to be an inspiring woman leader? An Online Roundtable for International Women’s Day

March 5, 2014

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Women’s World Banking hosted an online roundtable with three alumni from our signature Women in Leadership program to reflect on their learnings from the program, how they have implemented these to become better leaders in their institution and ways this has inspired positive change among their colleagues and clients.

Diamond Bank Storms the Market: A BETA Way to Save

March 5, 2014

By Julie Slama March 5, 2014 In 2012, an estimated 64 percent of Nigerians were unbanked and had never accessed any formal financial services or products, a number that is higher for women: nearly 73 percent of all Nigerian women are unbanked. This number does not include figures for the underbanked—men and women who have had interaction with a bank…

How we’re celebrating International Women’s Day

March 3, 2014

In honor of IWD, Women’s World Banking is holding a series of digital events throughout the week preceding the 8th.

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