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From Bangalore to Bucaramanga and back: Ujjivan and Fundacion delamujer’s knowledge exchange on microfinance best practices

July 28, 2014

Ujjivan (India) leaders visit fellow network member Fundación delamujer (Colombia) to learn individual lending best practices.

Lessons for Leaders, Lessons for All: Takeaways from the 18th Wharton Leadership Conference

July 21, 2014

Women’s World Banking staff members share reflections on the lessons they learned from attending this year’s Wharton Leadership Conference, “Preparing for a Complex and Uncertain World.”

Microfinance True Stories: Turning Mouneh to Moolah

July 14, 2014

This is the story of Bahiya, a client of Women’s World Banking network member in Lebanon, Al Majmoua.

Women’s World Banking in 2013: From Access to Inclusion

July 7, 2014

Our President and CEO Mary Ellen Iskenderian introduces our 2013 Annual Report: In the last three years we have completed 27 research studies on the lives of low-income women; reached 1.2 million clients in 24 financial institutions with new products; and trained more than 200 leaders of financial institutions.

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