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Introducing the best practices for promoting women’s leadership

September 29, 2014

Our Leadership Community members share best practices on what institutions and women themselves can do to promote greater gender equity.

Elisabeth Rhyne – Leading the Charge for Consumer Protection

September 22, 2014

An interview with the Managing Director of ACCION’s Center for Financial Inclusion by guest blogger Surabhi Shahi.

The “who” matters in delivering financial education

September 15, 2014

The financial education industry as a whole has stopped short in examining who or what kind of individual is most successful in delivering financial education. We share our experience of three different educator profiles in various projects around the world.

The two must-haves of a leadership training to drive lasting change

September 8, 2014

After launching our leadership and diversity program offerings in 2009, Women’s World Banking set out to study how leadership trainings can best translate into bigger and more sustained changes at the institutional level. We asked ourselves: what aspects of our program design most effectively drove this kind of change?

Three reasons low-income women don’t save in a bank

September 1, 2014

Low-income want to save, can save and need a safe place to save. While creating savings programs for the poor is not easy, we firmly believe that serving women makes business sense. Neither women nor banks can afford to miss this opportunity.

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