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One on one with Women’s World Banking’s Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

November 30, 2015

The next installment in the blog series, Meet the Women’s World Banking team: an interview with one of our newest team members, Carlos Hornillos.

The emotional and financial barriers preventing low-income Egyptians from accessing health care

November 23, 2015

Our research on the health needs and behaviors of low-income men and women in Egypt found many barriers—cost, priorities—as barriers to accessing healthcare.

A recap of the Making Finance Work for Women Summit

November 17, 2015

Highlights and key takeaways from our recently concluded Making Finance Work for Women Summit in Berlin.

Uncovering her leadership vision through our Women in Leadership program

November 16, 2015

Our “visioning” exercise gives high-potential women leaders the time and opportunity to think, plan and grow into strong leaders in financial inclusion.

The Ripple Effect – What’s Good for Women is Good for the World

November 9, 2015

Sunil Sachdev, Chief Business Development Officer of GlobeOne guest blogs about how their financial technology technology can bring financial health to the lives of low-income people globally, especially women.

Corporate America needs to get on the path to gender diversity

November 3, 2015

Our Leadership and Diversity for Innovation Program concluded with a series of events in India that corporate America can learn from to enhance their own corporate diversity.

The complexity of increasing demand for microinsurance and what we can do about it

November 2, 2015

The poor are vulnerable to risk, a cause of persistent poverty. Microinsurance is one solution to mitigate risk, yet demand remains disappointingly low. This article looks at lessons learned and selective recommendations for increasing demand, based on academic studies and the experiences of over 60 innovation partners of the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility.

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