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Reflecting on a Leadership Program: What are the must-haves? Lessons from the NBS Bank experience

July 24, 2017

The comprehensive leadership training program we delivered for NBS Bank reinforced the institutional “must-haves” for programs to have a long-term impact.

Empowering Women in the Developing World: Barriers and Opportunities

July 17, 2017

Our President and CEO testified in front of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing, “Beyond Microfinance: Empowering Women in the Developing World.”

Busting the Myths on Pakistan’s 50 Million “Unreachable” Women

July 10, 2017

Financial services providers in Pakistan risk losing out on an untapped market opportunity by continuing to believe myths about serving the women’s market.

Accelerating Women’s Opportunity: Women’s World Banking’s 2016 Annual Report

July 3, 2017

How has Women’s World Banking impacted the lives of low-income women around the world? Find out in our annual report.

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