Leadership Development

In a rapidly-changing industry, effective leadership is emerging as the determinant of whether a microfinance institution can keep pace. Women’s World Banking’s Leadership programs offers executive leadership programs for senior managers of microfinance institutions, with an explicit focus on building principled, diverse leaders committed to the double bottom line of financial returns and social progress.

Women’s World Banking also presents the Excellence in Leadership Award annually to recognize a microfinance institution within the Women’s World Banking network. The award is given to the institution that demonstrates the core principles of the network: a commitment to gender diversity, principled leadership and excellence in financial and social performance.

Microfinance institutions targeting women customers will be more successful at understanding and responding to customers’ needs if they mirror their market by employing senior female executives as well as men. Women’s World Banking has been working with institutions on increasing their gender diversity since 2008, both in response to a declining number of women at senior levels in the industry and in recognition of the strong business case for diverse executive leadership. Women’s World Banking offers its partners a suite of services to support, design and implement diversity strategies. This includes a series of Organizational Gender Assessment surveys, which help microfinance institutions diagnose the obstacles, challenges and opportunities faced by women staff members and leaders. To date, assessments have been carried out with network member institutions in Colombia, India, Uganda, and Tajikistan.


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