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Leadership and Diversity

More than 1 billion women globally do not have access to financial services. If financial institutions are to reach these potential clients they need to design innovative financial products, such as savings and insurance that meet the needs of women. In order to successfully deliver these products financial institutions need an unwavering focus on serving women throughout the institution.

As financial services become more widespread and markets become more competitive, even well-established financial institutions need to ensure they are prepared to meet the needs of low-income clients. Yet, research shows that there is little management or leadership training for senior leaders of  financial institutions serving low-income women; if they do receive training it often isn’t tailored to their needs or is a single session with no follow-up. Women’s World Banking’s suite of leadership and diversity programs supports institutions to develop innovative financial products and services, and create inclusive workplaces to attract and retain diverse talent, so that they can better serve the low-income women’s market segment.

Women’s World Banking also knows from research that gender diversity within institutions allows them to better serve women. Women’s World Banking has been working with institutions on increasing their gender diversity since 2008, both in response to a declining number of women at senior levels in the industry and in recognition of the strong business case for diverse executive leadership.


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For any questions about Women’s World Banking’s Leadership and Diversity programs, and for more information about our work, please contact us at LeadershipAdmissions@womensworldbanking.org.

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