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Gender Performance Initiative

If a financial institution is committed to serving women, it needs to know how well it is meeting the needs of women.

Women’s World Banking developed the Gender Performance Indicators, an evaluation framework that defines the key metrics that financial service providers need to measure to know how effectively they are serving their women clients. Women’s World Banking identified and tested these indicators with financial institutions to ensure its operational practicality, rigor and relevance. The Gender Performance Indicators manual houses these indicators, including some notable findings from our testing and analysis. For instance, when Fundacion delamujer in Colombia analyzed their borrower client base by gender, they found that women made up 68 percent of their total. When they looked at number of new borrowers by gender, they found that women comprised 67 percent of new borrowers, suggesting a balanced approach to client growth.

Women’s World Banking is committed to continually testing and updating these indicators to evolve along with financial institutions as they continue grow and diversify their product offerings. Our network members all report on five of the indicators annually, including women’s average loan size and how well women are repaying their loans. Other indicators, such as retention rate of women borrowers can show an institution how well it is meeting the needs of women clients. We have just released an update of the manual that includes new indicators related to savings and are in the process of developing indicators for insurance.


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