JLBA Conseils

Georgette Jean-Louis

Georgette Jean-Louis is the former Director General and Board Member of the Central Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH). In that capacity, she served as one of five members of its Board of Directors with responsibility to formulate, direct and supervise monetary policy; ensure the stability of the financial system; ensure the efficiency, development and integrity of the payment system; and serve as banker of the State. In her particular role as Director General, Mme. Jean-Louis monitored the bank’s operations and coordinated the activities of all administrative units of the institution.

Currently, Mme. Jean-Louis is Managing Partner of JLBA Conseils, a globally recognized management consulting firm specializing in the management, reorganization and restructuring of enterprises and also serving as strategic advisor to policy makers and c-suite / board executives.

Prior to her appointment at Haiti’s Central Bank, Mme. Jean-Louis served in numerous financial leadership positions, including COO of Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest alternative bank, offering financial services to people in poverty including both traditional loans and microloans.  Before joining Fonkoze, Mme. Jean-Louis was the Director of Banking Supervision at the Central Bank of Haiti, overseeing regulations and the supervision of the Haitian financial system.  Mme. Jean-Louis also was an auditor at Mérové-Pierre Cabinet-d’Experts Comptables, a member firm of KPMG international.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors of l’Ecole de Choix, a leadership development education program in Haiti’s Central Plateau.

Mrs. Jean-Louis brings to her role more than thirty years of diversified expertise and evolving activity in sectors such as banking and non-banking financial institutions, public and private institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, on national and international scales, and in areas including regulation and supervision, auditing and controls, and governance and operations.