Southeast Asia Advisory Council

Her Excellency Serey Chea

Ms. Chea is an Assistant Governor at the National Bank of Cambodia. Capitalizing on her position, she has been championing women’s economic empowerment. She has been involved with the UNCDF Shift Program, and served as an AFI Committee Member on Gender and Women’s Financial Inclusion. She led the “Let’s Talk About Money” campaign in Cambodia, which aims to promote financial literacy, particularly among women, and has paved the way for the successful incorporation of financial literacy in the general education program in Cambodia.

Ms. Chea is frequently invited to deliver addresses in many national and international conferences on various topics relating to central banking, banking supervision, FinTech and digital currency. As a chairman of a national clearing house operation committee, she has been involved with the Bakong Project, which is a new initiative of the National Bank of Cambodia focused on studying the possibility of introducing electronic money for inter-bank payment transactions.