Jennifer Henry

Jennifer is a diverse and accomplished marketing leader, and is currently the Brand Marketing Director at Calibra, a new Facebook subsidiary whose goal is to provide financial services that will enable people to access and participate in the Libra network –a new global currency powered by blockchain technology. Previously, Jennifer was the Global Marketing Director at Oculus, where she lead product, consumer and brand marketing, in the exciting and innovative category of Virtual Reality.

Jennifer has built and lead teams to support varied opportunities in her multi-faceted career, including launching, a Facebook initiative that serves to connect the un(der)connected, and advocacy marketing to rebuild Facebook sentiment. She was part of the original Apple iPhone launch team, and grew to lead global advertising and partner marketing with more than 200 telcos in over 100 countries over five device generations. Jennifer began her career working at full-service marketing agencies, notably through the rise and fall of the “dot com boom” in San Francisco.

Jennifer grew up in a gold-mining town in Northern Canada, and has two degrees in classical music performance. A longtime Bay Area resident, she currently lives in San Mateo, CA, with her husband and two vivacious daughters.