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Fundación delamujer

About Fundación delamujer

To drive economic and social development, preferably of low-income women entrepreneurs, by offering responsible financial products and services.

Fast Facts

Legal Status
Year joined Women’s World Banking network
Network Member since 1986
Year institution was established
Key Indicators as of 2014
# of active clients
Percent women clients
Gross loan portfolio
Total deposits
Number of staff
Percent women staff
Products and services offered
Credit, Insurance (life, health, property), Non-financial services such as financial education and business skills and women’s leadership training


Contact Information

Official Name of Institution Fundación delamujer
President Ms. Teresa Eugenia Prada González
Manager of Planning & Development Mr. Juan Manuel Grau Prada
General Secretary of the Board Mr. José Pablo Grau Prada
Director of Global Business Mr. Nicolás Grau Prada
Website address http://www.fundaciondelamujer.com/

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