Gender Assessment Methodology

Gender Strategy Done Right

Investing in women both as customers and as employable talent is necessary to build a competitive advantage. Financial service providers often excel at only one part of the equation – building strong, gender-diverse teams or expanding outreach to women clients. Women’s World Banking developed theWomen’s Market Opportunity Assessment in order to provide financial institutions with a tool to pinpoint where even a small change can make a significant impact. By examining internal operations such as hiring and employment policies and external factors such as product outreach, an institution can address issues so that it becomes an employer of choice for women and a financial institution of choice for women clients.

Looking internally and externally to identify gaps and opportunities

The Women’s Market Opportunity Assessment evaluates an institution’s ability to reach and effectively serve women clients. In parallel, the Organizational Gender Assessment evaluates gender diversity of its staff and the institution’s ability to attract, retain, advance and reward female talent.

Identify gaps and opportunities, forming the basis of the institution’s strategic opportunities to become a brand and employer of choice for women.


Market Scan

Quantitative Assessment

Qualitative Assessment

Interpretation & Analysis

Roadmap for Gender Strategy & Action Plan

Get the roadmap to a more inclusive organization

Our method helps you develop and execute a realistic gender strategy, including recommended priority actions, protocols and frequency of monitoring, key performance indicators and accountability mechanisms.

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