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RFQ: Research Firm in Nigeria

Issue Date: March 17, 2017
Submission Date:  March 31, 2017

Women’s World Banking is seeking a qualified research consulting firm to conduct surveys and qualitative research throughout Nigeria on a rolling basis. The consultant will perform individual-level phone or in-person surveys and focus groups or similar qualitative research to support product design, marketing strategy, and gender analysis projects. The selected consultant will be awarded an on-call retainer contract.

About Women’s World Banking
Women’s World Banking is the global non-profit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources essential to their security and prosperity. For more than 35 years, we have worked with financial institutions to show them the benefit of investing in women as clients, and as leaders. We equip these institutions to meet women’s needs through authoritative market research, leadership training, sustainable financial products and consumer education. Headquartered in New York, Women’s World Banking works with 40 institutions in 29 countries with a reach of 16 million women to create access to finance on a greater scale than ever before.

About the Project
Women’s World Banking has working partnerships with a variety of institutions in Nigeria to provide financial services to women. In order to monitor the implementation and outcomes of these products and services, we occasionally conduct surveys and qualitative research through focus groups or interviews. We are seeking a research firm that can assist in conducting periodic phone or in-person surveys as well as targeted qualitative research in the form of focus group discussions and individual interviews.

Objectives & Responsibilities
The objective of the consultancy is to conduct client-level research through a variety of methodologies, as needed. Research will need to be conducted across all regions of Nigeria and may need to be conducted in multiple languages. Research projects may include:

  1. Conduct quantitative or qualitative surveys on the phone or in-person with both existing clients and non-clients of our partner institutions. This may include:
    • Collaboration on survey instrument creation, methodology development and analysis; and
    • Field testing of survey instruments, piloting questions and entering and/or coding data.
  2. Conduct qualitative research in the form of focus groups and individual interviews of both clients and non-clients.  Firm would be responsible for all logistics of focus group and individual interviews (securing space, refreshments, recruitment of participants and incentives).  This may include:
    • Selection, hiring and training of a team of interviewers (meeting language and gender requirements);
    • Collaboration on development of research discussion guides;
    • Oversight of and facilitation of focus groups and/or interviews;
    • Entering and coding of collected data; and
    • Collaboration on analysis of data.

Duration of Consultancy
Consultants are needed on short-term projects to be conducted between April 10, 2017 and April 9, 2018. Each consultant will be procured under a retainer contract for the period of one year. Women’s World Banking may extend the contract at the organization’s discretion.

Location of Work
Work will be conducted throughout Nigeria (including Lagos as well as rural or remote locations), though specific locations will be determined for specific projects.  Work may include site visits to financial institutions as needed.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience conducting individual-level quantitative and qualitative surveys, including ability to conduct and complete large sample phone surveys within several weeks, and ability to train enumerators and test surveys;
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting qualitative research, including focus groups and individual interviews;
  • Experience conducting research with low-income participants, and participants with limited to no literacy;
  • Ability to supply high-quality focus group and interview facilitators across Nigeria;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead development of survey instruments for individual data collection; and
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct analysis of data and report on results.

To Apply
Please submit your application by March 31, 2017 April 3, 2017.

***UPDATED: Please see below under “Breakdown of Rates” an updated request.

This application should include the following elements:

  1. Organizational capacity and experience:
    1. A brief statement of organization’s capacity to complete this work, listing similar projects completed/relevant organizational experience
  2. Team Structure and organization of work:
    1. A description of the proposed team, including team leaders, any supervisors and enumerators for field work and how they will be organized, survey staff and any others who will be involved with the work;
    2. CVs of senior staff who will be leading the work, including both quantitative and qualitative leads:
      1. With the proposed team, how many focus groups and interviews can be completed in a day, and the number of phone surveys that can be made in a day, as well as average response rate; and
      2. A description of your process for performing quality control of both phone surveys and qualitative research;
    3. Availability:
      1. Availability for the described activities in the time period indicated (April 15, 2017 through April 14, 2018) and list any times when availability is limited;
  3. Breakdown of rates
    1.  As a sample, please indicate your costs for the below:
      1. National phone survey of 10 questions, sample  5000 people
      2. Focus groups: 3 markets (Lagos, Abuja, Kano), 4 sessions per market, 8 participants per session
    2. If you have rates for the below, please provide:
      1. Focus groups: rates per session
      2. In-depth interviews: rate per session
      3. Surveys: rates per sample size, with minimum sample size 500, up to 25,000
  4. At least 3 references.

Apply Now!

Applicants may submit their question(s) in writing until March 31, 2017 to tn@womensworldbanking.org.  Please include in the e-mail subject line “RFP: Research firm in Nigeria.”

This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to overwhelming response, not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

Q: Do you now have specifications for the items under ‘Objectives and Responsibilities’?
A: Successful candidates will be able to handle a range of assignments covered under these objectives.  This RFQ is for a one year retainer contract, so project specifics will vary.

Q: What is the targeted sample size for the quantitative phase and what is the coverage (specific locations e.g. Abuja, Lagos, Kano)? In the absence of specifications and sample sizes  we may not be able to provide a proper cost estimate except assumption.
A: See above.  Candidates should submit their rates, as costing for a specific project would be preliminary at this stage.

Q: Will the contracted firm be required to do data analysis and reporting for the quantitative data collected?
A: The contracted firm should have data analysis and reporting capability.

Q: What will be the qualitative deliverables?
A: Typical qualitative deliverables include the raw data plus, for focus groups, a report with key findings and implications.  For qualitative phone surveys, tabulation of the data with key findings.

Q: Can we provide the proposal without including the rates so that it comes when we have specifications to elicit a quotation?
A: Complete submissions will include rates. Sample rates or ranges are acceptable, to give reviewers a good sense of the typical cost of a qualitative or quantitative engagement with each firm.

Q: Does the 10 questions include demographic questions and should we be expecting open ended questions that will require coding?
A: For the purposes of this exercise, assume no demographic questions and no open-ended questions.

Q: Will your organization provide a sample list for the n=5000 respondents?
A: Yes

Q: 500 and up 25,000 is a broad range, can we get more specific  sample sizes?
A: Please provide pricing according to the sample ranges  you deem appropriate.

Q: For both qualitative and quantitative approach we want to assume that the deliverables will be same as those mentioned in the RFP, right?
A: Yes

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