MFWW 2020 Speaker

Yasmine Pagni

Head of Social Policy, European Investment Bank

Yasmine Pagni is an EU policy expert with 20 years experience in public and private sector investments. She holds an Msc in Civil Engineering from Imperial College, London. Her early career with the European Commission was spent in Cameroon, where she lived for 8 years. During this time, her work centered on supporting the EC’s policy dialogue and projects in the transport sector in Central Africa. At the EIB, Yasmine initially focused on ensuring the technical and economic viability of infrastructure projects, predominantly in the transport sector. She quickly moved into aspects surrounding transport policy and broader EU policy matters, focusing on the development of Bank strategies in relation to its EU mandates, international development and social sustainability. One year ago, Yasmine took up the role of Head of the Bank’s Social Policy Unit in the Environment, Climate and Social Office. She is responsible for driving forward the Bank’s thinking and operational approach to social safeguarding, upholding human rights and enhancing the Bank’s positive social impact.