Solutions for Women

We build products and solutions informed by women in order to better serve women.

From rural entrepreneurs to MSMEs

We collaborated with KCB in Kenya to optimize its financial and non-financial services for women-owned SMEs. For the bank, this had the benefit of developing strong customer relationships with SMEs, driving higher acquisition, higher retention, and more cross-sell of financial solutions. In Egypt, we worked with Lead Foundation to support them in expanding rural credit to their customers. Through technical training and capacity building, Lead Foundation has been able to offer more loans to more women customers. In 2019, we look forward to applying learnings from this work more broadly.

KCB’s customer satisfaction score improved from 73% to 81%.

The number of women-owned SME’s in KCB’s portfolio increased from 9% to 49%.


Over 147,000 loans.


Lead reached over 71,000 new clients over the life of the project.

Reflecting on
5 Years of Work in
sub-Saharan Africa

Five years ago, Women’s World Banking, with the support of Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA), began work to design products and develop institutions to serve low-income women in Nigeria, Tanzania and Malawi. The program concluded in 2018 and we documented all that we learned.

Lessons learned in Nigeria,Tanzania and Malawi

A digital savings product doesn’t replace a client’s need for human interaction; on the contrary, the human touch is necessary for accounts to be used actively.

Gender differences in savings behavior among youth starts early. For instance, girls were more likely to deposit in a bank and boys were more likely to ask questions of bank staff.

Real, meaningful financial inclusion isn’t simply a matter of getting access to and opening a bank account; it’s about how financial services can be used in day-to-day life to meet financial goals and build toward the future.