Crises happen – natural disasters and political turmoil – and when they do, the poor feel their effects more acutely and have fewer resources with which to recover. What can a financial institution do to help?

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, May 21 from 10AM to 11AM as two financial institutions share their stories of resilience in the face of crisis: Rebuilding in Crisis Environments: Experiences from Financial Institutions.

Financial institutions that serve low-income clients can be a literal life-line after a crisis, providing disaster relief and financial services to help clients rebuild their lives. Alia Farhat from Al Majmoua (Lebanon) will discuss their experience extending financial and non financial services to Syrian refugees and their surrounding host communities, looking for new ways to
help vulnerable women and youth support their families and build financial stability, and Dorie Torres from CARD Bank (Philippines) will share how they help clients through floods, earthquakes and typhoons (supporting more than 180,000 people after Typhoon Yolanda), paying out more than Php 60 million to clients in claims and for rebuilding.

Women’s World Banking’s Manager of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Celina Kawas will lead a discussion on:

  • What financial and non-financial services do clients need?
  • How can a microfinance institution meet these needs?

Join us to hear stories and strategies of resilience in the face of crisis.

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This webinar is presented with support from a grant from the Citi Foundation.