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Breakthrough Fund

Women’s World Banking is proud to launch the Breakthrough Fund, a philanthropic initiative to accelerate progress toward solving the complex issues that continue to leave low-income women behind. Building on our knowledge and experience, we commit to lead global change by solidifying our role as a thought leader and reaching low-income women on a much broader scale than ever before. This requires unconventional thinking, new approaches, and the early development of potential solutions.


Our enhanced approach is guided by an ambitious agenda that will undoubtedly challenge us. The Breakthrough Fund provides the flexible philanthropic funding required to research, design and rapidly test multiple ideas to determine the best, most replicable solutions to take to scale with a variety of new and existing partners.

Our goal of raising $3 million over the next three years will require generous support from both new partners and longtime friends who share our commitment to reaching more women with meaningful solutions. It is our desire that the Fund not only generate needed philanthropic funding, but also foster a community of collaborators with whom we can regularly share progress and consult on our challenges.

Women’s World Banking has worked over the last three decades to empower low-income women around the world to change the trajectory of their lives. With your support of the Breakthrough Fund, we can move faster together to build more inclusive economies for all.

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