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Experience how Women’s World Banking makes a difference.

Join Women’s World Banking for a unique opportunity to visit members of our global network and to learn more about the value of financial inclusion. During the course of the trip, you will meet with network member’s senior leadership, loan officers and clients, as well as other key influencers who are shaping the country.

The experience of hearing the stories and seeing the impact that access to financial services has on the lives of women in countries around the world is deeply moving; often transforming perception and challenging convention. Each trip has its own unique story, as the participants learn about the history and social and economic environment of cultures where women have access to financial products, often for the first time.

Past Trips

2013, November: Ujjivan, Ananya, FWWB and SEWA Bank

This trip to India took travelers to one of the most advanced and innovative microfinance markets in the world.  Ranging from for-profit banks to credit cooperatives, our partners on the ground are some of the premiere institutions in the country. With the help of Women’s World Banking, each of them is working to better serve the needs of women.

2013, May: enda inter-arabe in Tunisia

A group of seven participants traveled with Women’s World Banking to visit enda inter-arabe in Tunisa from May 18-24. During the course of five days the group met with the co-founders, Essma Ben Hamida and Michael Cracknell, senior leaders at enda and loan officers, as well as clients in Tunis and Hammamet. Participants also spent time at the Ministry of Finance and with the Women’s Leaders Association and toured Carthage. Click here to view pictures and read about the recent trip to enda inter-arabe in Tunisia.

2012, November: MI-BOSPO in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In November 2012, a group of supporters traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit network member MI-BOSPO. The group met in Sarajevo to embark upon an educational experience that included learning more about the complex history and culture of this beautiful country. During the course of five days, the delegation had the unique opportunity to meet emerging women leaders and microfinance clients to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities, both current and historic.


2011: Ghana, Women’s World Banking

2010: Jordan, Microfund for Women

2009: Colombia, Fundación WWB

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