Title: Research Specialist
Industry: Banking, Financial Services
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: India
Start Date: Immediately


Women’s World Banking is seeking an experienced research specialist with experience in quantitative research methodologies and quantitative data analysis to conduct needs assessments, formative research, and monitoring and evaluation studies in emerging markets, understand customer segmentations and support in evidence based decision making.


Developing and implementing analytical strategies through a range of quantitative research methods to provide data driven insights that support iterative development of the research project;

  1. Enforcing quantitative methodologies and implementing Survey Tools on Digital Platforms and field surveys in a structured manner to mine customer insights.  Procuring and analyzing high quality data from the ground level to ensure that evidence based conclusions are robust, relevant and reliable. This may include
  • Planning and budgeting for field surveys.
  • Secondary Research and Sampling.
  • Help with the design of the questionnaires.
  • Coordination with the field team to ensure quality data checks.
  • Quantitative analysis.
  • Oversee daily data collection activities and ensure adherence to data quality, protocols, including data quality audits and frequency checks.
  1. Guide and assist in carrying out data analysis – Work as member of research team to support Women’s World Banking project objectives and develop datasets and analysis that provide the most accurate and comprehensive picture
  • Assess the methodologies, data quality and synergies across various third-party data sets and develop strategic recommendations on behalf of the research team;
  • Design and conduct a statistical tests on datasets to understand segmentation analysis of patterns and trends, inferential statistics and experimental and quasi-experimental tests of difference and relationships.
  1. Design and support monitoring and evaluation of projects, make field visits to gather information, monitor and evaluate projects.
  2. ‪Work as a member of the research team to recommend the best analytic approaches and set the standard of excellence for conducting, packaging, and reporting on frequently used quantitative methodologies, analyses and datasets
  3. Conduct desk research and literature reviews, utilizing secondary research sources such as market research data to address key research questions and inform our understanding of the community.

Reporting and communications

  • Demonstrated ability to “tell the story” with data at the executive, manager, and team levels using charts and other data visualizations that are clear and easy to understand for any interested layperson.
  • Write emails, memos, and briefs to clearly communicate concepts and processes related to projects with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Communicate findings and recommendations via written and oral presentations, slide decks and technical reports to staff and clients at high level meetings internally and externally.


Within the first 75 days:

  • Assume full responsibility of the position;
  • Embrace Women’s World Banking’s core values and desired behaviors;
  • Forge positive working relationships with cross-functional staff;
  • Embrace Women’s World Banking’s unique characteristics and offerings;
  • Learn and comprehend the Women’s World Banking business model;
  • Become trained in and fully integrate the use of Women’s World Banking systems and policies into your day-to-day activities;
  • Develop a road map to achieve targets and deliverables for the year.


Required Qualification:

  • Key skills and strengths – research, analytical skills, field work, data analysis, secondary research, quantitative analytics, data quality, social developmental sector, Baseline, monitoring and impact evaluation
  • 5-7 years of relative work experience in high-pressure applied research settings.
  • Master’s degree in economics or related field with concentration in quantitative research, mathematics, economics, or social science required; Excellent understanding of both the business and non-profit worlds and the research required
  • Strong command over quantitative techniques of data collection and ability to analyze data
  • A detail-oriented mind-set coupled with the ability to define and shape research agendas.
  • Strong analytical skills including reporting, segmentation (demographic, behavioral and LCA), trends analysis, predictive modeling, inferential and regression analysis
  • Professional experience in M&E in project-based settings
  • Prior experience in Qualitative research
  • Experience with different types of data sets – large and small surveys (including publicly available datasets), public administrative data and proprietary administrative data spanning multiple time frames is a plus
  • Training and applied experience in infographic design and integration into data analysis and interpretation
  • Willingness to travel


Preferred Qualifications:

  • A preference for candidate with passion for women-centered methodologies and women’s economic empowerment. Experience of working with National/ International NGOs/ UN Bodies/Government/startups / financial sector will be valued
  • Experience requesting and translating needs of research questions to various types of IT systems and reporting functions (some experience with SQL, Java or other reporting systems a plus);
  • Experience with data manipulation and visualization tools e.g. SAS, SQL, Tableau, SPSS, STATA is a plus