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RFQ: Innovation and Leadership Training Consultant

ISSUE DATE: May 15, 2017
May 31, 2017

Women’s World Banking is seeking an experienced firm or individual to be placed on a retainer contract to develop and deliver multiple innovation and leadership sessions for various engagements.

Women’s World Banking is the global non-profit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources essential to their security and prosperity. For more than 35 years we have worked with financial institutions to show them the benefit of investing in women as clients, and as leaders. We equip these institutions to meet women’s needs through authoritative market research, leadership training, sustainable financial products and consumer education. Headquartered in New York, Women’s World Banking works with 48 institutions in 32 countries to create access to finance on a greater scale than ever before.

Women’s World Banking is embarking on a new strategy to achieve greater impact and scale than ever before, and reach more of the world’s un-and-underbanked women. Our strategic intent over the next 10 years is to be the catalyst that propels the financial inclusion agenda by collaborating with broad partnerships and alliances to develop and scale innovative and commercially viable solutions that enable low-income women to advance their security and prosperity. To achieve this, we will leverage a range of partnerships and utilize the transformative forces that are shaping the future of innovation, including human-center design and behavioral research, to design, test, and scale innovative solutions with women in mind that address the most critical issues in financial inclusion. Design thinking and innovation will be critical to our success, allowing us to create market-adoptable solutions that truly move the needle on financial inclusion around the world.

Women’s World Banking’ Leadership and Diversity Programs equip leaders of financial institutions with the training, tools and leadership capacity building that will enable them to better serve the women’s market. This includes our Leadership and Diversity for Innovation Program, which is unlike any other offered in the financial inclusion space because of its dual focus on individual skills-building and institutional level change to drive innovation to serve the women’s market. Other programs include Leadership Exchanges that bring together senior leaders from different financial institutions for a series of facilitated discussions around business and strategic issues and leadership challenges and opportunities, and Women in Leadership with Sponsorship which targets high-potential women leaders and the executives who will serve as their sponsors.

The objective of the consultancy is to design and deliver innovation and leadership sessions within these and/or other programs. Committed leadership and out of the box thinking are critical for financial institutions to meet the challenge of reaching low-income women. The goal of the proposed innovation module is to expose participating leaders to new approaches, help them understand how innovation drives better business results and how to strengthen core leadership competencies that support innovation.

The sessions will be hands-on learning experiences that may incorporate the following topics:

  • Human-centered design, design thinking;
  • Behavioral research for client-centered outcomes;
  • Test and learn strategies such as rapid design and testing;
  • Techniques for innovation;
  • Team culture, promoting creativity; and
  • Leadership competencies for innovation.

Participants should leave the session with practical tools and approaches that are immediately applicable to their business strategies and organizational context.

In addition, the consultant should include in their proposal a training of trainers approach allowing the Women’s World Banking team of facilitators to deliver the session in future leadership workshops.

The consultant will engage in the following activities over the course of the assignment:

  • Consult with Women’s World Banking to understand our approach to innovation and leadership development;
  • Design a module outline, interactive methodology and course materials;
  • Serve as faculty, delivering the session(s);
  • Provide inputs to session evaluation; and
  • Deliver training of trainers to the Women’s World Banking team, including facilitators guide and detailed materials list. 

The consultant will be engaged on short-term projects that may span 6-9 month project periods. The consultant will be procured under a retainer contract for the period of one year. Women’s World Banking may extend the contract at the organization’s discretion. The consultant may be based in New York or may work remotely.


  • Firm or individual with comprehensive knowledge of innovation, behavioral design, human-centered design, social innovation and impact;
  • Expertise linking leadership competencies to innovation strategies;
  • Experience designing and delivering dynamic and effective training sessions for executive audiences, work with global audiences strongly preferred; and
  • Knowledge of finance sector, financial inclusion and social impact, preferred.

Please submit your application no later than May 31, 2017 June 09, 2017 at midnight EST.

Please include in your application:

  • Cover letter with daily rate;
  • Resumé with list of relevant past projects and experiences;
  • A short proposal detailing your approach for the following potential engagement:
    • A 3-4 hour innovation session with all the above requirements to be held as part of the Leadership and Diversity for Innovation Program taking place in Mumbai, India the week of September 18th
    • The proposal must include all the requirements listed above. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  • A detailed fee proposal that includes cost of development, delivery and the training of trainers component; and
  • References

Applicants may submit their question(s) in writing to tn@womensworldbanking.org. Please include in the e-mail subject line “Questions: Innovation and Leadership Training.”

This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to the overwhelming number of responses, not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

Q: Does the ToT component means turning over the intellectual property of the consultant to WWB (work for hire) or if there can be a reasonable royalty for using materials over time?
A: For the Training of Trainers, you can propose more than 1 option such as an ongoing royalty or developing content for us to use that will become our work product (as opposed to your own intellectual property.) If there are different price points you can note that as well.

Q: Does the contract require travel and if so, what is your estimate of the number of trips and locations in the coming year?
A:   Initial conception of the work includes delivery of one session in Mumbai the week of September 18th. However, if the consultant is able to provide all material and a train the trainer in sufficient time for Women’s World Banking faculty to deliver the training, travel may not be a requirement for the Mumbai program.  Additional engagements and travel have not been determined as of yet.

Q: Other than deliverable identified, namely session in Mumbai and the ToT, does WWB envisage to order work-orders under the retainers contract as required by the applicant?
A: The purpose of issuing a retainer contract is to keep open the possibility of engaging the selected firm or consultant in future, beyond the Mumbai deliverable/engagement identified.

Q: If a firm is an applicant, then what information should we submit in References section?
A: Please submit reference contact details for former or current clients served by the firm.

Q: May we know to whom to send the proposal (a name)?
A: You may address your application in a general manner.

Q: May we send as a separate uploads,  articles and other items, such as the attached article related to women empowerment?
A:  You may include any relevant information in your application.

Q: Can we specify our normal fees and then open it up for discussion once we have a better idea of how many programs you’d like delivered over what time span and in what locations?
A: We will be open to discussion regarding fees.

Q: May I submit a URL and cloud-based proposal that includes all the sections requested and email it to tn@womensworldbanking.org or must I upload all the sections individually via your form?
A: We prefer you submit via the form but if your files are too large we can accept via email.

Q: As I understand it, the participants in Mumbai would not ultimately be facilitators of the content, correct? How many people would be expected in the session?
A:  That is correct: the participants in Mumbai would not be facilitators. They are financial practitioners who we want to equip with knowledge and tools for innovation. Up to 40 people will participate in the session.

Q: How many facilitators should the New York ToT or T3 be designed for? Is the expectation that these participants are skilled in the art of facilitation however perhaps not in delivering this content?
A: The ToT should be designed for 3 people (confirmed). 2-3 additional may join, TBD. These will be experienced trainers/facilitators.

Q: Is the curriculum for the Train the Trainer to be based on the 3-4 hour training session only? Or are there longer, more in-depth training we should be preparing them to deliver as well?
A: The Train the Trainer should equip Women’s World Banking’s in-house faculty to deliver the 3-4 hour innovation session. Proposals may include suggestions for a more in-depth training with clarity around budget implications, if any.

Q: Do you have a budget for this type of engagement?
A: Please include your normal fees with the understanding that we will be open to discussing budget as part of the procurement process.

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