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Nejira Nalic

nejiranalicAs the director of MI-BOSPO, a Bosnian micro-credit organization, Nejira Nalic has helped empower over 20,000 low-income women in this post-conflict country by providing them with access to microloans for their small businesses. While she grew up in a country where women are legally entitled to equal rights, Ms. Nalic understands the hidden inequality that Bosnian women still face in society despite positive legislation. “There are more and more women coming out and getting involved in social spheres, especially health and education,” she says. “But a lot are still suffering from lack of opportunities and gender-based violence.”

Ms. Nalic started her work on gender issues during the Bosnian fighting in the early 1990s, when she established “Red Lily,” a non-governmental organization that mobilized young women volunteers to work in hospitals. Ms. Nalic now works to leverage women’s economic power, guided by the belief that economic empowerment helps women shape their futures, and inspired by the strong and capable women of her country.

With 111 staff, 65 percent of whom are women, MI-BOSPO has big plans for its future, and aims to reach an even larger number of clients. The organization is a member of Women’s World Banking’s global network of microfinance institutions. Ms. Nalic equates her own success with the success of MI-BOSPO clients, and with the success of her colleagues who help run and develop MI-BOSPO into a sustainable success.

Ms. Nalic has appeared as a guest speaker at many international conferences and seminars, including the World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting in Prague in 2000, the annual meeting of the Microfinance Center of Eastern Europe, Women’s World Banking events, and the Micro-Credit Summit.

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