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Women’s World Banking has a 40-year track record of championing inclusive finance for low-income women worldwide, driving impact through a combination of our cutting-edge research; policy and advocacy engagement; scalable, market-driven digital financial solutions; gender lens private equity fund; and leadership and diversity programs.


Today our work is more important
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1120 executives from 82 countries trained as the next generation of leaders to better serve the women’s market

60 financial institutions across 35 markets use our market insight, product design expertise and leadership training, advancing financial inclusion for 85M women

13 financial solutions deployed under our current strategy, impacting 2.1M women

56 financial policymakers engaged across 39 countries, creating enabling environments for women” in the section "Our Organization by the Numbers


Designing Digital Payments for Mexican Women Entrepreneurs

Mexico’s 6.3 million micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) generate nearly half of Mexico’s GDP and employ 37% of the workforce. Of MSMEs, 94.2% are microenterprises, and over half of these are women-owned or women-led. Despite this segment’s dominance in the economy, the majority of MSMEs transactions are still cash-based. We set out to understand why MSMEs have not shown widespread digital finance adoption in Mexico and to better understand Mexican women entrepreneurs’ pain points and the financial ecosystem in which they operate.


COVID-19’s Impact on Underserved Women

Low-income women are disproportionately impacted by economic shocks, and Women’s World Banking will continue to do research and work with financial service providers in response. View our research, insights and articles on how gender inequality influences the economic effects of Covid-19.


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