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Growing Up Banked: How to Sustainably Serve Youth throughout their Lives

November 13, 2017

Essential considerations for successful youth banking propositions that increase youth’s economic opportunity and offer a valuable business case to banks.

Demonetization damaged repayment discipline in India

November 8, 2017

One year on, what has the effect of demonetization on India been? Thoughts from our Chief Investment Officer.

ما وراء الشمول المالي، تعلم عن الحياة

October 30, 2017

Original post date of Beyond Financial Inclusion, Learning About Life ٢٨ فبراير ٢٠١٧ تدعى فاطمة، وبمجرد أن خطت أخيراً إلى الحجرة التي نعقد فيها جلسات المناقشات البؤرية الجماعية عن التأمين على الصحة في المغرب، كان من الواضح أنها الأكبر بين الخمس نساء الجالسات حول الطاولة، ترتدي فاطمة الزي التقليدي الفضفاض المزين بالتطريز، وغطاء الرأس الأبيض، وقد كانت الأكثر أناقة أيضاً، ولم نعرف…

كيف تحول منتج التأمين الأصغر إلى قصة نجاح

October 23, 2017

Original Post Date for How to Turn Your Microinsurance Product Into a Success Story: ٣ فبراير ٢٠١٦ بقلم مازن ايهم نمري، نائب المدير العام بقسم التأمين الصحي والتأمين على الحياة بالشركة الأردنية للتأمين عندما تواصل “صندوق المرأة” في الأردن مع فريق عمل “شركة التأمين الأردنية”، بهدف التعاون معاً لأجل منتج تأميني للمقترضين من ذوي الدخل المنخفض، شككت وزميلي في نجاح…

Engaging with governments to drive women’s financial inclusion at scale

October 16, 2017

The incredible potential for impact when working with a government that understands the importance of women’s financial inclusion & puts resources behind it.

3 Strategic Ways to Partner with Factories to Reach Millions of Underbanked Workers in India

October 9, 2017

Part two of a series on the opportunity for factories to offer financial and non-financial services to drive deeper financial inclusion.

How Factories Can Play a Pivotal Role in Expanding Financial Inclusion in India

October 1, 2017

80% of India’s 6 million garment employees are women. Many are not formally banked. These factories can be these women’s gateway to financial inclusion.

Hard work and a microloan turned Shirley into a successful business owner

September 25, 2017

With every loan from Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Shirley was able to grow and expand her business from an informal market stall to a buzzing, formal operation.

Successful by Design: Why Creating Financial Products with Women in Mind Is a Win-Win

September 18, 2017

Our Product Development director explains the crucial elements of design to ensure financial product that works for women.

Breaking through the nascent mobile money market in Morocco with women

September 11, 2017

New regulation has inspired a renaissance for mobile money in Morocco. But competition is tight. How can a new player win in this market?

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