Architects of women’s financial inclusion, builders of economic possibility

Women’s World Banking designs and invests in the financial solutions, institutions, and policy environments in emerging markets to create greater economic stability and prosperity for women, their families and their communities.



women remain outside the formal financial system today.

Women’s World Banking Global Network

We work with 56 institutions in 31 countries to reach more low-income women with financial services.

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Women's World Banking

Our Blueprint

Market-driven solutions

With deep intelligence about the barriers women face and the macro-economic environment, we design solutions that are commercially-viable and directly meet women’s needs.

Gender Lens Investing

By requiring rigorous data collection related to gender diversity within the institution and outreach to women clients, we drive stronger institutions.

Leadership & Diversity

We provide organizations with the tools and programs needed to build powerful, gender-diverse teams to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Solutions catalog

Our market-specific solutions are built on lessons learned from across our global portfolio. They fall under eight distinct areas: Women’s Market Strategy, Digital Product Introductions, Digital Product Optimizations, Non-Financial Services, Women-Centered Design, Leadership Development, Policy & Advocacy, and Research. These offerings apply to banks, mobile network operators, insurers, policymakers, and investors.

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Our Team

We are a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in finance, government, leadership training, technology, marketing, and behavioral science.

Our Donors

We are grateful to our core and programmatic funders who make our mission to promote gender equality and increase women’s financial inclusion possible. We are also proud to partner with so many of these leaders in the development community and value their strategic inputs as much as their financial support.

Our Partners

We partner with leading corporations to prove the commercial and social value of women’s financial inclusion. Our focus on understanding our partners’ business goals ensures customized programming that leverages a company’s unique skills, products, and people power.