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What We Do

In order for more low-income women to have access to financial products than ever before, Women’s World Banking works closely with its global network of 49 financial institutions from 31 countries to create new credit, savings, and insurance products specifically designed for the unique needs of women.

Institutions in our network are committed to serving women as clients, innovators and leaders.Women’s World Banking has found new ways to help women build financial safety nets, by showing a broader range of financial institutions how to move beyond traditional microfinance to provide financial products that include savings and insurance.

But new products are only part of the story – innovations in technology have increased the number of women with access to financial products; and education has played a critical role in adoption of new products. Our approach to product design always starts with in-depth research – understanding the lives of women so that our product development team can design products that meet the needs of women while being sustainable for the financial institution. We work with the financial institution to ensure that their leadership and infrastructure are able to support both new product introductions and a potentially new market segment. Once a product is launched, we are able to take what we’ve learned and introduce the product to other institutions in other parts of the world. With this global reach, we are able to greatly increase the number of women who can build a stronger financial future for themselves and their families.

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