2012 Annual Report

July 10, 2013

Women’s World Banking believes that low-income women deserve equal access to financial resources. Women are typically good clients and reinvest in their families and communities. Yet women remain an underserved market — so we equip financial institutions around the world to serve them. For more than 35 years we have worked with financial institutions to show them the benefit of investing in women as customers and as leaders. We continue to equip these institutions with in-depth market research, sustainable financial products and financial education tools to meet women’s needs.

Our Model
Providing women with the means to create their own economic security has been at the heart of Women’s World Banking’s mission since the organization was established.
In developing its 2011–2013 strategy, Women’s World Banking articulated the following vision statement: “One day all women will be able to build a secure
financial future for themselves and their households.”Download the English Version