2013 Excellence in Leadership Award: Microfund for Women

October 23, 2013

Women’s World Banking is honored to award its 2013 Excellence in Leadership Award to Microfund for Women for championing women’s roles in the success of the organization.

VIDEO: Challenging Convention: Excellence in Leadership

Microfund for Women (MFW) has distinguished itself in Jordan not only as the largest microfinance institution in the country but also as the only one that actively targets women, as clients adn staff. As it has grown since its founding in 1994 MFW has maintained its focus on women, who now make up 97 percent o its more than 95,000 clients. Leaders across the organization agree that MFWs success in reaching such large numbers of low-income women is a direct result of its commitment to ensuring that women are well-represented in the rganization’s workforce, leadership and governance.

Women’s World Banking’s Excellence in Leadership Award, supported by Citi Foundation, is granted to a microfinance institution that has a proven commitment to developing women’s leadership and gender diversity among its staff proving that investing in women makes business sense.Download the English Version