A guide on how to serve youth through savings accounts

August 16, 2013

All this week Women’s World Banking has been focusing on our youth savings work in honor of International Youth Day 2013. To cap it off, we’d like to share our extensive and interactive guide for deposit-taking microfinance institutions looking to offer or improve a youth savings program for their market.


Pages from WWB_Banking on Youth - A Guide to Developing Innovative Youth Savings Programs (Nov 2012)


Banking on Youth:  A Guide to Developing Innovative Youth Savings Progams” presents Women’s World Banking’s approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating youth savings programs, based on its experience providing technical assistance on programs launched at three financial institutions in three countries, as well as the experiences of additional institutions in Women’s World Banking’s network. This document also draws from Women’s World Banking’s “Marketing for Microfinance” publication, as many of the topics are applicable to youth savings.




Women’s World Banking sees the most value in youth savings programs that build financial capability, and thus consist of a:

  • Youth-controlled or inclusive savings account,
  • Integrated, action-oriented, and ongoing financial education,
  • A youth-friendly marketing and outreach strategy, and
  • Institutional alignment to serve youth.

This publication is based on these basic tenets.

Every financial institution has its own institutional strengths and weaknesses, positioning in the market, goals for the future and other characteristics that collectively make its situation unique. This publication presents a general set of processes that will require tailoring to meet the unique needs and circumstances of your financial institution.

We hope that you use this guide as your institution moves to extend financial inclusion to low-income youth. We would also love to hear any comments or feedback you may have regarding the guide, especially how you applied it to your unique institution or any suggestions for improvement.

This post is part of a Youth Savings series Women’s World Banking is publishing in honor of International Youth Day 2013.

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