An Open Letter to Scammers

July 16, 2018

It has come to our attention that Women’s World Banking Asset Management’s name is being fraudulently used in the market to promote false investments, fundraising options or to impersonate our team.

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To be clear, we have outlined some guidelines below.

What Women’s World Banking Asset Management does stand for:

  • Meeting the needs of the one billion women globally who lack access to financial products and services by investing in inclusive finance institutions seeking to reach them.
  • Leading the way as a women-focused and women-managed inclusive finance equity fund in the market today.
  • Honest representation in all aspects of our work.

What Women’s World Banking Asset Management does not stand for:

  • Unauthorized use of our name to promote false fundraising opportunities.
  • Fraudulent impersonation of any member of our team.
  • Misleading statements about Women’s World Banking,Women’s World Banking Asset Management,Women’s World Banking Capital Partners, its partners or the one billion women globally who can be empowered by better access to financial products and services.

Anyone who attempts to use our name for scamming or illegal activity will be reported to local authorities.

Information about Women’s World Banking’s staff, executives, board members and its activities is available on our website at   We can also be contacted through our website for any inquiries or information. Please join us in our mission to drive economic opportunity for the largest emerging market there is – women.



Women’s World Banking is an architect of a world where women thrive, businesses flourish, and economies grow. We look forward to continuing on our mission and welcome true partners in making our plans a reality.