Better Than Cash Alliance | Women’s World Banking offers lessons for creating a successful agency banking network

March 2, 2015

Women’s World Banking’s Susan Gao wrote a piece for the Better Than Cash Alliance blog about our recent agency banking training in Tanzania:

Agency banking has expanded the opportunities for banks to offer financial services to customers. Banks’ points of service are no longer limited to branches or ATMs. Deposits and withdrawals are now available at local shops, markets and even post offices. A whole segment of unreached clients, especially women who often face the most acute barriers to formal financial services, are now potential customers.

In this changing landscape, how do banks create a sustainable agent network? To answer this question, Women’s World Banking brought together three of our partner banks—Diamond Bank from Nigeria, NBS Bank from Malawi, and National Microfinance Bank (NMB) in Tanzania—for four days of training in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and to share their experiences in building agent networks.

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