This Bosnian microentrepreneur is a trendspotter

December 19, 2016


Nirvana Ademović is a dough production entrepreneur from Gradačac, Bosnia. She started up her business in 2003, when “at that time nothing similar existed in Gradačac, and that gave wind to my wings.” Even though she didn’t have any professional experience, her will and creativity saw her through.

She spent the first three months alone, working day and night to perfect her product’s product process and establish the standard of quality. She also spotted a trend that she incorporated into her planning: “today, people pay more attention to the health,” so she integrated bran into her ingredient list. Today, her products are available in most shopping centers in her town, as well as in nearby cities.


MI-BOSPO helped Nirvana breathe further life in her business by giving her a loan to purchase a machine that allowed her to quickly package the dough. She also became a member of MI-BOSPO’s Women in Business Network (WBN), which helps her acquire business skills as well access new market opportunities.

Business is not for the faint of heart, Nirvana warns. “It requires a big sacrifice, but at the end, the effort and investment is worth everything.”