Cathleen Tobin to speak at financial inclusion seminar hosted by The Guardian

September 24, 2014

Product Research, Marketing and Financial Education Manager Cathleen Tobin will be participating at The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network’s morning seminar, in association with Visa. The panel will be held on Friday, October 10 from 8-11AM in Washington DC. A panel of speakers will cover the following topics:

  • New models for reaching women and other excluded populations
  • Opportunities, barriers, and potential for adverse consequences with new initiatives
  • Policies for consumer protection
  • Reaching the most remote communities


  • Eliza Anyangwe, editor of the Global Development Professionals Network (panel chair)
  • Martha Brantley, director of business development, Clinton Development Initiative
  • Peer Stein, director, IFC
  • Leora Klapper, lead economist, Development Research Group, World Bank
  • Stephen Kehoe, senior vice president and head of Global Financial Inclusion, Visa Inc.
  • Cathleen Tobin, manager, Financial Education and Social Communications, Women’s World Banking

Register here.