Mary Ellen Iskenderian speaking at a panel at Johns Hopkins

April 3, 2013

Mary Ellen Iskenderian will be speaking on a panel entitled “Empowering Individuals:  Networks, Norms, and Resources.

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Panel description: While women are entering the workforce in greater numbers and increasingly pursuing entrepreneurship, cultural norms and practical challenges still pose barriers. In order for women to succeed as professionals and innovators, societies will need to change their attitudes towards women in the workplace, and women will need greater access to skills, networks, and resources.

  • What societal biases and practical challenges create the greatest obstacles? (E.g., parenting expectations, childcare arrangements, difficult commutes to work, etc.)
  • How can we foster sustainable women’s networks and give women access to other networks? What personal and professional networks are most effective?
  • How can we support women as entrepreneurs and innovators? What factors impact their ability to access resources, networks, and sponsors?
  • How have microfinance and impact investing helped women progress? What other financial sector initiatives can contribute to their advancement?


  • Monica Brand, Principal Director, Frontier Investments Group, Accion, and Adjunct Professor in International Development, Johns Hopkins SAIS


  • Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO, Women’s World Banking (WWB)
  • Andrée Simon, Former President and COO, Women for Women International
  • Marguerite Berger, Vice President for Impact Evaluation and Research, Vital Voices Global Partnership
  • Monika Weber-Fahr (’91), Director of Knowledge, Learning and Results, Sustainable Development Network, World Bank