Contribution to e-MFP’s “More Inclusive Finance for Youth: Scalable and Sustainable Delivery Models for Financial and Non-Financial Services”

May 29, 2015

The European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP)  Youth Financial Inclusion Action Group has just published a new report that builds on the 2012 e-MFP publication on youth financial inclusion, which laid out the state of the field in Youth financial services and offered key insights in program design and implementation. Women’s World Banking was invited by e-MFP to contribute to this publication and we have shared our lessons learned from implementing a youth savings program in the Dominican Republic with Banco ADOPEM (a full report on our findings can be found by downloading our publication, “Building a Sustainable Youth Savings Proposition: Lessons from Banco ADOPEM.”

The objective of this publication is to provide guidance to Financial Services Providers, youth serving organizations, donors and government authorities that want to advance youth financial inclusion by analyzing and compiling what is known to date on scaling up financial products along with NFS and assessing the potential for long-term sustainability.Download the English Version