DANA Collaborates with Women’s World Banking to Encourage Domestic Workers to Go Digital

October 1, 2021

Enliven Indonesia’s Independence Day Through Digital Financial Service Education Program

Jakarta, August 2021 – The informal sector, which comprises domestic workers, plays a critical role in Indonesia’s economy. Referring to Statistics Indonesia’s (BPS) data, there are 78.14 million informal workers as of February 2021, making up 60 percent of Indonesia’s total workforce. Despite this, low financial and technological literacy rates make it difficult for informal workers, especially domestic workers, to improve their families’ conditions.

Taking this into consideration, digital wallet DANA is collaborating with Women’s World Banking,  a non-profit organisation that designs and invests in the market-driven financial solutions, institutions, and policy environments in emerging markets to create greater economic stability and prosperity for women, their families and their communities. Using a women-centred design approach, in collaboration with DANA, Women’s World Banking led a thorough customer research, conducted user testing and developed a solution to promote remittance as viable use case amongst domestic migrant workers.  This program aims to increase digital financial literacy for domestic workers, enabling them to adapt to existing and emerging challenges for the welfare of their families. DANA and Women’s World Banking present their initiative through a special raffle-based gamification program that aims to have employers – who are existing users of DANA – use DANA as a payroll method for their domestic workers and in turn, teach their domestic workers to send money to their families back home, all via a single digital wallet – DANA.

“As an Indonesia’s digital wallet that focuses on pursuing an inclusive digital economy through best-in-class technology, DANA strengthens the effort by joining forces with Women’s World Banking to encourage women, especially domestic workers, to be more capable in digital financial. We would like to instill that digital wallet can be used easily by anyone – including domestic workers –to help their families safely and conveniently.,” said Monita Moerdani, Chief Marketing Officer DANA. “DANA is carefully tailored to reach every layer of society with varied backgrounds. This program is a collaborative activity that involves both employer and domestic worker. We believe that increasing digital financial literacy requires engagement of all parties, including employers. Therefore, we hope that employers can support their domestic workers to become digitally skilled and accompany them throughout our gamification-themed education process.”

This education program aligns with the Women’s World Banking vision which aims to create greater economic stability prosperity for women, families, and their communities. Based on Women’s World Banking’s research, the majority of domestic workers’ salaries have been paid in cash on a monthly basis, with the amount ranging from IDR 1.5 – 2.2 million per month ($140 – $150). Many don’t have bank accounts and they ask their employers to send 50-75% of their salary directly to their families and keep the remainder in cash for their personal use.

“As digital financial services increase across Southeast Asia, significant barriers to women’s financial inclusion still exist in Indonesia. Therefore, DANA, as one of Indonesia’s top 3 digital wallets, is in an excellent position to reduce this gap and improve the lives of Indonesian migrant workers and help them remit their salaries home to their families, cheaply and conveniently via digital wallets. Through our market and industry research and digital campaign created in partnership with DANA, we are optimistic that domestic workers will gain confidence in using digital financial services and become more knowledgeable in managing their finances,” said Christina Maynes, Regional Director of SEA Women’s World Banking.

Participation in this program is easy. For employers, the first step requires them to open a DANA application and tap the ‘Me’ page and continue by entering the promo code ‘TRFMBAK’ into the “Enter Promo Code” menu. After that, the employer must transfer the salary – a minimum of IDR 500,000 – to the domestic worker using DANA. After completing the transfer, the employer will automatically have a chance to win the raffle in this program.

Domestic worker can take similar steps to enter this raffle. First, the individual should be registered as a DANA Premium, then tap the ‘Me’ page to enter the promo code ‘TRFKMPG’ on the “Enter Promo Code” menu. Then, they are required to send money – a minimum of IDR 500,000 – one time from DANA to be entitled to win this lottery.

Furthermore, all eligible participants will be involved in the DANA raffle. Prizes will be given to 20 winners – consisting of 10 household members and 10 employers – with an IDR 1,000,000 worth of DANA balance for each winner with Terms and Conditions applied. This raffle program is only valid for 1 user and 1 electronic device.

DANA’s involvement in empowering domestic workers digitally does not stop there. DANA will continue its initiative by collaborating with several stakeholder associations across communities to support and empower household assistants with sustainable education. Thus, household assistants can experience and understand fully the benefits offered by the DANA digital wallet.

Read the complete information about this program on the DANA website at https://bit.ly/ARTRAFFLE. This program runs for a month, starting from August 16, 2021.


About DANA

DANA is the digital wallet developed by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, an Indonesian startup company in the financial technology space that provides payment infrastructures allowing Indonesians to perform cashless, card-less transactions. DANA is built and developed in Indonesia with the support of local creative and programming talents. DANA is available on iOS and Android as well as integrated into the digital payments of diverse merchants and online applications, both for online and offline payments. #DANASahabatUMKM is DANA’s initiative to support the digitalization of Indonesia’s micro, small, and medium enterprises through the DANA Bisnis platform.

About Women’s World Banking

Women’s World Banking designs and invests in financial solutions, institutions, and policy environments in emerging markets to create greater economic stability and prosperity for women, their families, and their communities. With a global reach of 57 partners in 32 countries serving more than 69 million women clients, Women’s World Banking drives impact through its scalable, market-driven solutions; gender lens private equity fund; and leadership and diversity programs. To learn more about Women’s World Banking, visit womensworldbanking.org.


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