From hobbyist to breadwinner with a little help from a microloan

March 14, 2016

By Al Majmoua

Suzan is a hairdresser, working out of a salon in the home she shares with her husband, a bus driver, and her two children. Hairstyling was just a hobby for Suzan… but as more and more friends, neighbors, and relatives’ asked her to style their hair for them, she saw the business opportunity. It came at a great time too—this new business could help cover her family’s increasing household and school expenses.


09-09 Suzan Aley_USEDFORTWTR

She first became a borrower at The Lebanese Association for Development – Al Majmoua in 2011, a relationship so continues with them to this day. These microloans helped Suzan do essential maintenance work on her house, buy new furniture and continue to improve and develop her business. Suzan is proud to be supporting her family and happy that she can be there for them, as a mom and as a breadwinner too!