How Haifaa reached higher with a microloan

October 10, 2016

By Al Majmoua

One day several years ago, Haifaa Tyre  looked out on the plot next to the house she lives in with her husband and four children outside Beirut, Lebanon. She thought… “What a large space we own that is not being used. Why not plant vegetables there and sell it?” So she did.

She reached out to Women’s World Banking network member Al Majmoua shortly thereafter to help her grow her business: her loan enabled her to rent even more land so she can increase production, and thus sell more to her growing number of customers in and around her village.

Through her small, yet thriving business, Haifaa was able to improve her family’s living circumstances. She was able to afford the high university tuition fees for two of her children. She was also able to afford the construction of three extra rooms above her house so that her children are more comfortable and even bought new furniture for her house.

She is working hard to see ALL her children graduate and give them the means to have a good life.