Huffington Post | How Women’s World Banking Has Designed A Community With Purpose

April 10, 2014

The Huffington Post”s ImpactX page featured a piece by Sarah Buitoni, a Specialist for our Leadership and Diversity programs, about the launch of Women”s World Banking”s Leadership Community. Excerpt:

How do you bring people working in geographies as far-flung as the Dominican Republic, Bosnia, Uganda, Mongolia and Tonga together? The simple answer is: technology. But if you want these people to achieve a specific goal, you”ll need more than technology, you”ll need a community designed with purpose.

We launched the Women”s World Banking Leadership Community with seed funding from the Cisco Foundation in 2012 as a specific answer to a specific need. Women”s World Banking holds leadership development programs for professionals across the globe who lead bank and non-bank institutions. Their institutions are dedicated to providing financial resources like loans, savings accounts and insurance to low-income women. We believe that for financial institutions to serve this client segment well they need to be effective, innovative and sustainable. To that end, our leadership programs aim to develop principled and visionary leaders for serving the women”s market.

Link: “How Women”s World Banking Has Designed A Community With Purpose”