Inclusion Hub | Progress to Build on at Davos

January 15, 2016

When Davos 2016 begins, cross-sector global leaders will discuss how finance and technology can be harnessed to create inclusive growth — and reduce inequality. After a year marked by remarkable milestones in financial inclusion, what progress do we have to build on?

In Nigeria, Diamond Bank developed BETA savings, a mobile banking tool for women traders. Bank staff come to the open-air markets where women work, and they can open accounts and make deposits on mobile devices, Women’s World Banking’s Karen Miller explained. The product integrates financial education into transactions; it’s explained why and how the client’s savings account balance is growing due to interest, for example.

“Financial education is critical and has to be delivered through the product and business model,” said Miller, chief knowledge and communications officer at Women’s World Banking. “If you do not have that component, then you have someone with access but who is not really included at all in the financial system.”

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