Parveen’s Story: The indomitable spirit of a microentrepreneur

August 21, 2017

By Kashf Foundation

Parveen Basharat Ali is a woman who perseveres.

Kashf Foundation Client, Parveen Basharat Ali She persevered to build an embroidery business after her husband moved their young family from Faisalabad to Lahore to seek economic opportunity. She persevered to keep her family’s finances afloat after a deadly accident that ultimately killed their daughter wiped out the family’s savings. She persevered after her husband’s salary could no longer fulfill the necessities of their seven remaining children. She persevered because Kashf Foundation was there when she needed help the most.

Four years after her first loan with Kashf, Parveen’s embroidered products are now in great demand in Lahore and in other nearby towns. She has also emerged as a leader in her community, conducting training for other women in her community so they too can have a business, even if it means creating competition for her own products.

Through her hard work and Kashf’s support, Parveen was able to take her family from the brink of destitution to being the proud owner of three houses and the sole benefactor of two of her daughters’ weddings.

“I thank God for my success and for Kashf’s advent in my life… without becoming a part of Kashf, I would not have achieved the well-being and sense of peace that I have today”.


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