International Day of the Girl: Women’s World Banking Highlights

October 11, 2021

Today we celebrate Day of the Girl, because every young woman carries with her the potential to change the world and drive economies that prosper. Donate today and help us continue to honor International Day of the Girl through our youth savings work:

Women’s World Banking is proud to work toward supporting girls & young women around the world. Learn more about our impact:

  • Often girls aren’t aware of the importance of saving for their future or how to go about it. In Tanzania we partnered with the EU Commission & NMB Bank to show young women like Milembe where they can save their money. “It’s sad to see some girls actually depend on men to actually give them money. I told the [bank representative] I want to open my account. I’ve learned more about saving and was able to manage my own money.” Watch the video here.


  • We worked with Banco ADOPEM to become the first financial institutions in their markets to treat youth, girls in particular, as genuine bank customers. Increasing opportunities for girls allows them to fully participate in society. Watch the video here.


  • We supported SEWA Bank in India in launching a youth savings program and found that when given the opportunity to save, young people can and do save a significant amount in their accounts. Read the blog here.


  • We worked with PEACE MFI in partnership with Mastercard Foundation in Ethiopia to launch the Lenege youth savings program which taught young people how to save and use their accounts. “In the past, when I had money in my hand, I just go out and spend, but now whenever I get money, I just run and come here to save it” Watch the video here.



  • We collaborated with National Microfinance Bank (Tanzania) to develop the “Wajibu” youth banking proposition and complementary financial capability program that would inspire young people to save in their own accounts: See the blog with video here.


  • Women’s World Banking and XacBank (Mongolia) designed “Temuulel” (“Aspire”) for girls ages 14 to 17, complementing the parent-focused “Future Millionaire” account. Microfinance Opportunities evaluated our program and found girls were more likely to view savings as important, saved more, had more control over their savings, and reported a sense of pride and greater desire for financial autonomy. Read more here.

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