International Women’s Day 2015: “Make it Happen” video campaign instructions

February 2, 2015

March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD), a global celebration commemorating the advancements in women’s equality. This year’s theme is “Make it Happen,” encouraging effective action for advancing and recognizing women.

To celebrate IWD this year Women’s World Banking is asking each of our network members to show your work to the world by creating short cameraphone videos of your staff and clients.


  • Creating the videos is simple: take any smartphone and use the video function to record individuals completing the sentence below. Videos should be no longer than 15 seconds.
  • “My name is (say name) and I am a (client/ loan officer/ branch manager etc.) at (your institution). I am making it happen by (what you are doing to empower women.)” Examples here
  • Send the video via e-mail to Women’s World Banking will share them widely across all our social media channels and website. Please send your videos no later than Friday, February 27
  • If you do not have access to a smartphone or video camera, you may write these testimonials and email them with photos to


We encourage you to be creative in who you include in these videos – not just the CEO or loan officers or clients, but perhaps operational staff or families of the clients as well.

  • Loan Officer, “I am making it happen by visiting my women clients regularly despite the sometimes dangerous roads to their homes.”
  • Senior Staff “I am making it happen by ensuring that our institution’s strategy always includes women as a primary market segment that we want to serve.”
  • Woman Client: I am making it happen by working hard at my business selling artisanal goods and getting my children through school.”
  • Client’s Husband: “I am making it happen by helping with housework and child care while my wife is selling her goods at the market.”

Here is an example of Women’s World Banking staff doing their own “Make it Happen” video.

We look forward to celebrating IWD with you by showcasing your incredible work empowering low-income women!

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