Introducing the best practices for promoting women’s leadership

September 29, 2014

Leaders in Women’s World Banking’s network are committed to serving women clients well. Furthermore, they understand that this can best be accomplished by walking the talk of gender equity within their organizations, as well as through their approach to serving their external customers.

Promoting Women's Leadership - Women's World Banking Leadership CommunityThis publication, written by global financial inclusion leaders seeking to understand and implement practical solutions for women, explores both what institutions and women themselves can do to promote greater gender equity. The authors are members of Women’s World Banking’s Leadership Community. Launched with seed funding from the Cisco Foundation in 2012, the goal of the Leadership Community is to provide a space where leaders of financial institutions can practice continuous learning and reflection, build supportive relationships with peer leaders, share successes and challenges and practice new behaviors. For instance, through “Project Circles”, community members have the ability to co-create knowledge products, such as this one, that can be shared among our alumni or more broadly with the industry.

This is the second knowledge product created by the Leadership Community. You can also check out “10 Tips for a Successful Transition from Program to Office,” a tip sheet for program alumni so they can effectively apply what they learned in the training.