Khmer Post | Breaking Down Barrier to Women’s Economics Participation

May 29, 2018

While women are continually left out of the formal economy, 13 high-profile leaders have gathered at the Southeast Asia Advisory Council this week to advocate for women in financial inclusion throughout the region.

According to the World Bank’s latest data, nearly a third of women in Southeast Asia lack access to a bank account. The picture in Cambodia is similar.  For instance whilst a large percentage of business owners are women it is cited that many lack the resources or access to financial services.

The first gathering in Singapore was aimed at producing short and long-term strategies to provide greater access for women in the financial sector, both as customers and working executives. The meeting was attended by Her Excellency Serey Chea, Director General of Central Banking from the National Bank Cambodia as Cambodia’s representative.

The Southeast Advisory Council, made possible with funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia (DFAT), represents the banking, technology, government and consumer goods industries. The group will develop a robust, actionable strategy for influencing key stakeholders throughout the region who are best positioned to advance women’s financial inclusion.

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