MI-BOSPO Celebrates the International Day of Rural Women

October 19, 2015

The International Day of Rural Women was established by the General Assembley in 2007, and this year was celebrated on the October 15.

Over the past few years, MI-BOSPO has marked this day by organizing trade fairs with our clients and members of the Women’s in Business Network.

This year, MI-BOSPO gathered almost 100 women enterpereneurs from variois places, i.e. Kalesija, Tuzla, Lukavac, Gracanica, Olovo, Zepce, Tesanj and Zavidovici, in Kalesija, a small town near Tuzla.

Fair participants exposed their products to the large number of visitors, but they also collected money for one of their memebers, whose 6 year old son is seriously ill.

Despite bad weather conditions, these hard working women stood all day long together, patiently animating visitors and answering all the questions about their businesses. October 15 for them was the day to show how important networking is.

‘MI-BOSPO is allways by our side, and I cannot tell you how much it means to all of us’, said one of the women from Zavidovici.