Necessity is the mother of entrepreneurship: a Kashf Foundation client story

February 26, 2018

By Kashf Foundation

Image courtesy of Samina Kousar via Pixabay Shamim’s brother and father never allowed her to work and she had no knowledge of how to run a business. So imagine her loss when her husband suddenly died due to sickness. But he believed in her: “in his last few days, he told me I had to work and take care of the family. He was very supportive of me.”


Shamim, client of Kashf FoundationHe had left her a means to do it too: he owned a packaging business that now, Shamim decided to bravely take on, despite not knowing the first thing about packaging or business. But she was very motivated: she had three children to feed and put through school!  Shamim put together around 2,000 boxes by hand every two days but she needed funds to increase her output and profit. That is when Shamim heard about Kashf Foundation from one of the Kashf Business Development Officers in her community.

Shamim has since become a regular client of Kashf, using loans to purchase more raw material or better equipment. All her children are in school and she single-handedly runs her household. She is wistful when she thinks of her husband and everything she has accomplished: “If he could see me now, he would be so proud of me.”