Podcast: Expanding Financial Access for Rural Women in Egypt

January 28, 2019

In this podcast, Veronica Karpoich, Project Manager at Women’s World Banking discusses Women’s World Banking’s progress in closing the gap of financial access for one of the most challenging segments to reach, rural women.

For the past year, Karpoich has been working with Women’s World Banking network member Lead Foundation to leverage the success of its individual lending program to introduce another methodology, one that is tailored to rural business activities performed mostly by women.

“It’s not that the barriers are necessarily different for the rural women and the urban women. But the same barriers are greater for rural women.”



VIDEO | Sabah’s Story: The Life of a Rural Entrepreneur in Egypt

Rural women often do not have access to the financial services they need to grow their businesses. We partnered with Lead Foundation in Egypt to expand access of their individual loan product to women rural entrepreneurs like Sabah. WATCH